Meet the Maker

Hey there!

My name is Hadley Wesner, owner and maker behind The State Line and Wild Horse Leather Company. As you can probably guess, we live out on the OK/TX State Line where we ranch and build purses! I know, it’s quite the combo! 

A little background as to who you’re supporting when you purchase from us:

I’m married to the most hard working cowboy in Texas, Chauncey. Not only is he laboring everyday to bring food to your table and ours, but he also hops in the shop with me quite often for some purse building! On top of all that, he is the most amazing father. We have a beautiful daughter named Hazel, who inspired the “Hazel” style bag. 

I grew up on a ranch and understand the ups and downs of the seasons and the years. As hard as we work in the shop for all of you, a piece of my heart will always be horseback. 

In between growing up on a ranch and marrying back into the lifestyle, I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in studio art. This education has helped to provide you with one of a kind designs and heart and soul in each and every bag. 

From the bottom of my family’s heart, we appreciate all the support from our amazing customer base. Whether it be purchasing, sharing, or kind comments about the business that many waitressing jobs, calves, and long days have built… we are forever grateful!